RADGIL2 is an X-ray irradiator specifically designed to prevent Transfusion Associated- Graft versus Host Disease (TA-GvHD), a rare but often fatal reaction caused by the donors’ Lymphocytes-T when grafted into a recipient with a transfused blood product. RADGIL2 is an effective, modern and safer alternative to the irradiators based on a nuclear source such as Caesium137.

RADGIL2 is safe, easy to use and fast. Because the dose of ionizing radiation generated by the RADGIL2 can be easily adjusted, the machine can also be used for several research applications such as for the irradiation of:

Cells and Tissues
Bone marrow ablation on lab animals
Other generic applications for research purposes
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Fast, Safe And Effective

RADGIL2® is a specially designed X-ray radiator designed and built to prevent Transfusion Associated Graft Versus Host Disease (TA-GVHD), a rare one but often fatal reaction caused by T lymphocytes of the donor when transferred to the recipient through a transfusion of blood components. By now, X-ray irradiation represents the method official and safer to prevent TA-GVHD and replace Cesio 137 irradiators, historically used for same purpose. The cesium irradiators present several problems, including the fact that the isotopes they contain they remain active and dangerous for decades. In addition they require specific skills from the operator in addition to additional security measures. RADGIL2®, on the other hand, is a completely safe system, simple to use, quick and extremely effective. RADGIL2® is also indicated for use in the field of research, including irradiation of cells and tissues, of small ones animals or for other laboratory tests. The standard configuration of RADGIL2® includes a system rotating for the treatment of blood bags with two types of baskets. The baskets can have 3 or 4 compartments and can simultaneously receive up to 6 bags of blood components. The necessary dose of X-rays to be emitted, it can be varied and programmed by changing the parameters of the machine. The estimated dose appears on the monitor and, once the treatment has started, a bar shows the time remaining for the completion of the treatment.

Product Information

Directions for use:

  • Radiation of bloodcomponents
  • Other applications for research use Electrical requirements
  • 400 VAC 50 / 60Hz Three phase, 6KW Cooling requirements
  • Running water 2.5 -4.0 Bar, ≥5 l / min, maximum hardness of water 27 degrees French or through system optional refrigerant(chiller)Supplied complete with
  • Load distribution platform for slabs with load ≥ 750kg / m2
  • Five smartcards foroperators
  • Two baskets forblood bags (3 and 4 compartments)
  • Support ford osimetry measurements User interface• Large touch screen monitor
  • Control panel with protection system
  • Irradiation chamber with triple safety system
  • Optional bar code reader and label printer

Data Entry And Transfer

  • Using the optional bar code reader, the RADGIL2® can automatically associate the IDs of each bag to the results of the treatment (bag ID, operator ID,date and time,treatment parameters, any alarms, etc.)
  • The optional printer produces a label containing the relevant data of each irradiated bag
  • All data are saved in a database and can be exported in xxx.csv format via USB stick or Ethernet connection (Ethernet connection could request software updates based on the application used on the receiving computer for data processing)Performance For the treatment of blood (bags)
  • Up to 1800ml or 6bags
  • Rotating basket to guarantee the homogeneity of the dose
  • A dose of 30 Gray(adjustable) takes approximately 5 minutes of treatment

For the treatment of other products:

  • The rotating basketcan be removed
  • The maximum irradiation area is equal to one surface with 29cm Ø
  • The maximum height of a sample, to be loaded into the machine, is equal to 29cm
  • As an option,aluminum filters are available or copper, capable of modulating the flow of X-rays

X-ray Power Range

  • Kilovolts: adjustable in steps of 20 from 80 to 200 kV
  • Current:adjustable in steps of5 from 5 to 20mA
  • Time: adjustable inminutes and seconds up to 99:59
  • Distance from X-raysource:adjustable in 2positions, high and low, to modifythe irradiation area

Dose Measurement

Integrated sensor:

  • Solid state sensor positioned inside the radiation chamber
  • Automatic verification test at each restart or every 8 hours
  • Cross check with the programmed parameters. A beep and a message on the monitor highlight a deviation between the measured and programmed values Laboratory dosimetric measurement carried out by qualified expert
  • To be carried out according to the customer's protocol
  • The mapping and measurement instructions a resupplied by the manufacturer
  • Dosimetric calibration can be done by the qualified expert and saved within the RADGIL2® internal database


  • Label printer (kitinstalled by the manufacturer)• Barcode reader (kitinstalled by the manufacturer)
  • Filter kits (help tocreate a different modulationirradiation)
  • Internal camera (Kitinstalled by the manufacturer)
  • Load distributionplate for slabs with a capacity between 350 and 750Kg / m2
  • Fumigated pallet fortransports outside the EU
  • Fumigated woodencase for transport outside the EU
  • Chiller 2.5kW - 4.5l / min - 230VAC, 1 ph.


  • Sticky labels
  • 4-compartment basket
  • Basket with 3 compartments
  • Yellow plastic cover for the baskets
  • Internal plastic base

X-ray Blood Irradiation is the recognized and safe method for TA-GVHD prevention

RADGIL2 may also be utilised in research related to irradiating cells, tissues and culture media

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